About Us

Salena Young, Founder of SavNuAge

"Now, not only can I do all the sports and activities I love, but I can do them pain-free!"

I developed a strapless sports bra for larger busted women out of both a labor of love and necessity.  This has been a journey that stems from decades of suffering trying to find the right bra to ease the chronic pain I was experiencing from Costoclavicular Syndrome.

My goal is to not only educate women about these problems, but let them know that there is also a solution! My patented design not only alleviates the conditions listed above, but does so in COMFORT, SUPPORT, and STYLE!

Our Mission


Our Slogan

"Why strap more, when you can strap...less?"

See the bra that is revolutionizing the world by fighting Bra Strap Syndrome one strapless sports bra at a time!

Bra Strap Syndrome is a serious health concern that millions of women suffer from every day from traditional ill-fitting bras. The Savnuage bra helps with not ONLY Bra Strap Syndrome, but with back pain, neck pain, headaches, nerve damage, and helps with back strength by having the wearer use good posture. It is designed not only for women's health, but their overall well-being.

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